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Accredited by NAAC A+ Grade with (CGPA 3.44) - Cycle 2

(Recognized under section 2(f) & 12(B) of UGC Act, 1956 & an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution)

Affiliated to Periyar University , Opp.Periyar University , Salem – 636 011 ,Tamil nadu. Contact : 97877 75795

Research Collaboration

S.No Title of the collaborative activity Name of the collaborating agency with contact details Name of the participant Year of collaboration
1 Collaborative Research : Synthesis and Fabrication of Fluorescent Green OLEDs Based on PEDOT:PSS/Silver Nanowire Hybrid-Composite Anode and Their Performance Aksh Optifibre Limited, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, India. Conduct Mail: Dr.R. Ramachandran/Dr. L. Raja 2020-21
2 Collaborative Research : Analytical Approach of Fe3O4-Ethylene Glycol Radiative Magnetohydrodynamic Nanofluid on Entropy Generation in a Shrinking Wall with Porous Medium King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), ThungKhru, Thailand Dr. M. Govindaraju/ U. Humphries 2020-21
3 Collaborative Research : Synthesis of silver-integrated silica nanostructures using rice hulls and their electrochemical performancefor supercapacitor application Yeungnam University, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do 38541, Republic of Korea Mr. R. Vijayan/Dr. R. Srinivasan 2020-21
4 Collaborative Research : Design and fabrication of NaFePO4/MWCNTs hybrid electrode material for sodium-ion battery Mahendra Engineering college (Autonomous), Namakkal, Tamilnadu 637 503, India Ms. T. Sumathi/ M. Karthik 2020-21
5 Collaborative Research :Comparative study of phytochemical antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties of ripe semiripe and unripe fruits of Phoenix pusila Roxb Department of Botany,Bharathiar University,Coimbatore,Tamilnadu,India Mr. Karthik Madhayan,Balamurugan Venkatachalam, Karthick Saravanan,Ananthi palanisamy 2020-21
6 Collaborative Research :Floral Survey of Padmavani Arts and Science College Campus,Salem,TamilNadu Department of Biology and Plant Biotechnology,Presidency College,Chennai 600005 Mr. V.kathirvelmmurugan, P.Muthukumar,S.Ravikumar 2020-21
7 Collaborative Research :Nutritional estimation from the tubers of Decalepis hemiltoni and Dioscorea oppositifolia with their redical scavenging activity Kavitha’s College of Arts and Science, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India Dr.V. Kadirvelmurugan/ Dr. V. Karthik,Arulkumar Murugan,Ravikumar 2020-21
8 Collaborative Research :On Nano Y closed and Nano Y Open functions Department of Mathematics,PasumponMuthuramalinga thevar College,Usilampatti-625532.Madurai District,TamilNadu,India Ms. M.Deepa and Rajakalaivanan 2020-21
9 Internship Chemkovil Ms. K. Jayanthi 2020-21
10 Staff exchange Muthayammal Engineering college Ms. D.M.Chitra 2020-21
11 Internship Sree Gokuls’s Build Mart Private Limited Ms. Haripriya.V 2020-21
12 Internship Sundar Sons(India) Exports Ms. Hajira Banu.K 2020-21
13 Internship Sundar Sons(India) Exports Ms. Sowmiya.G 2020-21
14 Internship Sundar Sons(India) Exports Ms. Kaviya.A 2020-21
15 Staff Exchange BoS For Ug ,Government Arts College (Autonomous), Salem – 7, Periyar University Ms. M. Geetha 2020-21
16 Staff Exchange BoS For Ug ,Government Arts College (Autonomous), Salem – 7, Periyar University Dr. A.Palaniammal 2020-21
17 Internship Chemkovil Ms. S.Latha 2019-20
18 Internship Chemkovil Ms. R.Harini 2019-20
19 Internship Chemkovil Ms. K.V.Yamunadevi 2019-20
20 Internship Chemkovil Ms. V.Jamunarani 2019-20
21 Student Project work Chemical Institute of Researh and Training Ms. K.Princy Vimala 2019-20
22 Student Project work Chemkovil Ms. N.Akshaya 2019-20
23 Student Project work Chemkovil Ms. B. Deepa 2019-20
24 Student Project work Trisul chemicals Ms. D. Nathiya 2019-20
25 Student Project work Trisul chemicals Ms. M. Muthulakshmi 2019-20
26 Student Project work Trisul chemicals Ms. R. Lavanya 2019-20
27 Collaborative Research : Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Bioactive Compounds of Dryopteris Hirtipes(Blumze) Kuntze Periyar University, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India Ms. R.Valarmathi/Dr. D. Natarajan 2019-20
28 Collaborative Research : Boundary layer flow of gold –thorium water based nanofluids over a moving semi-infinite plat Ambal professional group of institutions, Coimbatore, India Dr. M. Govindaraju/ Dr. M. Selvaraj 2019-20
29 Collaborative Research :Phytochemical screening structural identification and anticancer activity from Decalepis hemilonii Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology, Presidency College,Chennai 600005. Mr. V.Kathirvelmmurugan,S.Ravikumar 2019-20
30 Collaborative Research :Construction of control chart based on exponentiated exponential distribution Depatrment of Statistics,Salem Sowdeswari College,Salem,Tamilnadu Ms.T.Kavitha and M.Gunasekaran 2019-20
31 Molecular and Pharmacological profiling of zizyphus jujubamill Department of Biotechnology,Mahendra Arts and science college,Kalippati,Tiruchengode Ms. Ponmani.S,Selvankumar,Gopinath 2019-20
32 Collaborative Research: Hybrid Fuzzy Frequency monetary algorithm and fuzzy particle swarm optimization and Ranking Algorithm using combination of sequential pattern mining Department of Computer application,Government Arts College,Salem,Tamilnadu,India. Ms. M.Pushpalatha and A.Vijaya 2019-20
33 Collaborative Research :Recent scenario of Indian stock market K.S.R College for women,Tiruchengode Dr.M.Selladurai and J.Priyadharshini 2019-20
34 Collaborative Research :Numerical solution for Hybrid fuzzy differential equation by fifth order runge kutta nystrom method Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya college of Arts and Science,Coimbatore 641020 Mr. Muthukumar Thangamuthu and Jayakumar Thippan 2019-20
35 Collaborative Research :Influence of inclined lorentz forces on entropy generation analysis for viscoelastic fluid over a stretching sheet with nonlinear thermal radiation and heat source sink Department of Mathematics ,SRMV College of Arts and Science Coimbatore Mr. Abdual Kaffoor Abdual Hakeem, Mathialagan Govindaraju,Bhose Ganga 2019-20
36 Internship Dailee Ms. R.Abinaya 2019-20
37 Internship Dailee Ms. A.Deepa 2019-20
38 Internship Dailee Ms. V.Jothi 2019-20
39 Internship Dailee Ms. K.Lavanya 2019-20
40 Internship Dailee Ms. S.Kiruba 2019-20
41 Internship Dailee Ms. G.Kowsalya 2019-20
42 Internship Dailee Ms. V.Sathya 2019-20
43 Internship Dailee Ms. G.Subipriya 2019-20
44 Internship Dailee Ms. S.Suganya 2019-20
45 Internship chithra tex Ms. M.Deepikai 2019-20
46 Internship chithra tex Ms. M.Keerthana 2019-20
47 Internship chithra tex Ms. M.Menaka 2019-20
48 Internship chithra tex Ms. R.Pavithra 2019-20
49 Internship chithra tex Ms. J.Ragavi 2019-20
50 Internship -Plant propagation techniques Om shive sakthi Agro service Ms. T.Amirthavalli 2019-20
51 Internship -Plant propagation techniques Om shive sakthi Agro service Ms. S.Aswini 2019-20
52 Internship -Plant propagation techniques Om shive sakthi Agro service Ms. P.G.Supritha Internship 2019-20
53 Internship i18n solutions Ms. C.Dhivya 2019-20
54 Internship i18n solutions Ms. R.Sowmiya 2019-20
55 Staff exchange National Seminar on Penetration Testing Attants on Approach,Sri Venkateswara Arts and Science College Ms. M.Pushpalatha 2019-20
56 Staff exchange Vivekanandha College of Engineering For Women Ms. R.Kiruba Kumari 2019-20
57 Staff exchange Data Science and Big Data Analytics,Vivekanandha College of Engineering For Women Ms. M.Pushpalatha 2019-20
58 Staff exchange Introduction to python programming,JKK Nataraja College of Engineering and Technology Ms. R.Kiruba Kumari 2019-20
59 Collaborative Activities for Students Exchange 35 th Anniversary celebration Ms. M.Vijayalakshmi 2019-20
60 Internship Jeyyam Global Foods Pvt.Ltd Ms.Indumathi.A 2019-20
61 Internship Jeyyam Global Foods Pvt.Ltd Ms. Kowsalya.R 2019-20
62 Internship Jeyyam Global Foods Pvt.Ltd Ms. Nirmala.M 2019-20
63 Internship Sweaters India Pvt.Ltd Ms. Deepa.S 2019-20
64 Internship Sweaters India Pvt.Ltd Ms. Kalyani.V 2019-20
65 Internship Sweaters India Pvt.Ltd Ms. Karthika.S 2019-20